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Collision Repair For Dents: Service Options

Dents from auto collisions are a problem to worry about on a few levels. First, they can affect the resale value of your car, since collectors and dealers will take a look at dents when making an offer. They can also cause your car's paint job to deteriorate faster, since the jagged parts of the dent will be more prone to forming rust. Finally, dents are simply bad for the structural integrity of your car's metal. Read More 

Fix That Scratch On Your Car In 5 Easy Steps

It can be easy to get a little scratch on your car. If you park a little too close to someone else or let go of your shopping car right next to your vehicle, you can easily get a little scratch on your vehicle. Luckily, with five easy steps, you can fix up that little scratch all by yourself. You'll need to purchase a small container of primer and paint at your local auto parts store. Read More