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Collision Repair For Dents: Service Options

Dents from auto collisions are a problem to worry about on a few levels. First, they can affect the resale value of your car, since collectors and dealers will take a look at dents when making an offer. They can also cause your car's paint job to deteriorate faster, since the jagged parts of the dent will be more prone to forming rust. Finally, dents are simply bad for the structural integrity of your car's metal. 

To this end, car repair shops and insurers have created a wide range of plans to help protect owners from collision dents. These plans vary in cost and coverage, so it can be hard to pick the right plan. Here is what you need to know about dent repair service plans. 

Unlimited Dent Repair Plans

Some service shops offer an unlimited dent repair program, where you will receive paintless dent repair as many times as you need. If you have been in a few auto accidents, this can be a great option to last for the future. However, for larger dents due to a collision, you may need to opt for another plan that includes paint repair and sanding. 

Added Dent Coverage Insurance

In some cases, you can get comprehensive dent coverage added into your insurance coverage. While dents will likely be covered for verified collisions, you may want added dent coverage in case an object falls on your car or if you have a minor collision with a small object. Other plans may cover a small part of your dent repair, but you'll need to pay a deductible. 

One-time Auto Body Repair Shops

A collision repair shop can be a great option if you've had a one-time collision or mishap and need to have dents removed from your car. Your local auto body shop should be able to offer paintless dent repair, but they have the added benefit of offering a full dent collision repair including sanding, rust removal, and a new coat of paint and wax. 

With all of these different options for dent coverage, you may be left wondering which to choose. It's important to consider your own driving habits, the intended resale value of your car, and how much risk you're willing to take on financing your own dent repairs. But whatever you do, make sure you're not left out in the dust in case of auto collision dents. 

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