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Fix That Scratch On Your Car In 5 Easy Steps

It can be easy to get a little scratch on your car. If you park a little too close to someone else or let go of your shopping car right next to your vehicle, you can easily get a little scratch on your vehicle. Luckily, with five easy steps, you can fix up that little scratch all by yourself.

You'll need to purchase a small container of primer and paint at your local auto parts store. You'll also need to purchase some rust removing solvent if the area you want to fix is rusty.

Step One: Clean-Up The Area

The first thing you need to do is clean the area around the scratch. Use a little soap and water to remove any dirt that has accumulated around the scratched area.

If the scratch has been there for a while and has become rusted, you will need to apply some rust removing solvent. 

Step Two: Rough It Up

In order to get the new paint to stick to the surface of the scratch, you are going to need to rough up the surface a little bit. Take a piece of fine sandpaper, and use it to rough up the surface around the scratched area. You should rough it up about an inch or two around the scratch.

You'll want to wash away any dust that was created by sanding around the scratch.

Step Three: Prime It Good

Next, you'll need to use a little primer on the affected area. Just a very small paintbrush to apply primer over the scratched area and the sanded area. You'll only need to dip your paintbrush in the primer a couple of times in order to cover the area. Let the primer dry before moving on to the next step

Try to keep the primer away from the areas that are not damaged on your vehicle. If you don't trust your hand, tape newspaper around the undamaged areas to protect them.

Step Four: Paint It Up

Finally, take out the paint that you purchased and use a small paintbrush to paint over the scratched, sanded and primed area. Once again, you'll only need a small amount of paint in order to get the car painting job done. If you apply too much paint, you could get bubbles in the paint. The paint could also dry with streaks in it. Neither of these things look good, so take your time and apply a tiny bit of paint at a time. 

Step Five: Shine It Up

Finally, if you really want to make your new paint job look amazing, wash your entire vehicle and then use some wax to make your entire vehicle shine. With a new wax job, the new paint job you did should blend right in with the rest of the vehicle.

By following the five easy steps above, you can easily make your vehicle look smooth and scratch free again!