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4 Tips To Deal With Rust And Damage To Auto Body Work When Doing Restorations

When doing restorations to any car, one of the common problems is rust. The corrosion of metal can cause serious damage to metal, and repairs are going to need to be done. Depending on the extent of the damage, there are different options for getting the repairs done. You may just need to patch minor rust or completely replace body parts, or even fabricate your own parts. Here are some tips to help deal with rust and damage when doing restorations to auto bodies: Read More 

Typical Hail Damage Repairs For Cars And Trucks

Hail damage repair services for cars and trucks are more than just removing dents. For anyone that has experienced what orange-sized or softball-sized hail can do to a vehicle, these additional automotive services are especially meaningful and useful. If you have recently experienced an intense hailstorm in your area and your vehicle looks like someone took a golf club or baseball bat to it, here are the services you will need to restore your vehicle. Read More 

Things You Should Know About Auto Glass Damages

Your car's glass can be easy to damage as it will face a variety of hazards and threats during the course of driving. Being informed and aware of the issues and complications that can arise from damaged auto glass will be important for allowing you to address this damage in a prompt and effective manner. Damaged Auto Glass Can Pose Serious Safety Problems Car owners will frequently assume that damaged auto glass is mostly a cosmetic problem. Read More 

Strange Options For Auto Body Repair That Eventually Work

Auto body repair is the fine art of removing and replacing damaged parts to make cars look almost new again. There are actually several approaches to making a damaged car panel look new. In fact, some of these options are really quite strange, but when you understand how these options eventually work, you may be quite glad that your auto body technician offered them to you. Scratch "Crayon" or "Marker" Read More 

Keep The Top Down: Caring For Your Convertible Top

Few things can rival the freedom one feels when driving down the open road with the convertible top down. If you live in an area with a temperate climate, odds are that you use your convertible top on a regular basis. Many convertible tops are made from vinyl materials that can become brittle, shrink, and show signs of damage as they age. Knowing how to properly care for your convertible top will ensure that you are able to enjoy road trips with the top down well into the future. Read More