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Typical Hail Damage Repairs For Cars And Trucks

Hail damage repair services for cars and trucks are more than just removing dents. For anyone that has experienced what orange-sized or softball-sized hail can do to a vehicle, these additional automotive services are especially meaningful and useful. If you have recently experienced an intense hailstorm in your area and your vehicle looks like someone took a golf club or baseball bat to it, here are the services you will need to restore your vehicle.

Dent Removal

First, the dents are removed. Smaller dents respond well to suction kits made for dent removal. Larger dents, like the ones your vehicle is currently sporting, require a "drill and pull" approach. Holes are drilled into the centers of the dents, and while the drill is still spinning in reverse after the hole has been drilled, the mechanic gently pulls. This pops out the larger dents. If you have a really big dent, then the entire panel on the car or truck is removed, hammered out, and then put back on the vehicle or left off for the next service.

Sanding and Buffing

For the very obvious dents, repainting is necessary. Before repainting, the technician has to sand and buff the dent areas. If your vehicle has a lot of dents, so much that it looks like it has the measles, then spot-sanding is not going to work. The entire vehicle has to be sanded and stripped of its paint job in order to ensure that the new paint job looks uniform.

After all of the paint has been sanded off, the technician then has to buff the surface. Buffing does two things. One, it really smooths out the remaining soft dents and dent creases. Two, it preps the surface of the vehicle for fresh paint.


Repainting is done one of two ways. Spot-painting is for smaller blemishes or for when the panel of a vehicle is removed to hammer out a dent. Full paint jobs repaint the entire vehicle when there are just too many dents or scrapes to cover with a spot-paint job. A full paint job may also be needed if and when the original paint color on your vehicle has been discontinued and replaced with a paint color that will neither match nor blend with your vehicle's current paint. At that point, you can either choose the substitute color from the manufacturer or choose a brand-new color completely.

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