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How Is Common Auto Body Damage Repaired? Find Out

Although insurance provides financial protection when you are at fault in an accident, it is vital to be acquainted with different car damage types. This is because the repair process varies greatly depending on the damage the vehicle sustains. As such, you can determine the repair costs and save up if the insurance coverage is insufficient. More importantly, you should visit an auto repair shop for your vehicle's assessment and repair to ensure optimal performance. The following are common types of auto body damage and how to repair them.

Weather Damage

During inclement weather, elements such as snow, high-velocity winds, rain, and extreme heat can damage your vehicle. For instance, you may notice parts of your vehicle have rust due to excessive moisture from rainfall. Moreover, the exposure of your car to UV rays can cause paint to fade and peel, while frequent temperature fluctuations cause the windshield to crack. Thus, you'll need an expert mechanic to sand and repaint the affected areas. Additionally, they may suggest using a cover during harsh storms to minimize damage by wind and rainfall.

Paint Scratches

Your vehicle may sustain a paint scratch in many ways. This includes hitting a curb, scrapping against a tree, or being hit by another motorist. In most cases, even though this damage is at the surface level, it can be unsightly and impact your car's resale value. Therefore, you should fix the paint job to restore your car's appearance. In most cases, an auto mechanic will use a chemical reaction to etch away the deep scratches. Following this, they will fill in the paint and polish the body to restore the surface to its original condition.


A car may develop dents from an auto accident or when debris falls on it. Furthermore, road debris and hail storms can impact your car and dent it. This may compromise your vehicle's exterior and reduce its appearance. As such, you should visit an auto outlet to repair the car dents. The mechanic will weld studs into the car dents or use a dent puller to pop the problematic areas back in place. Finally, they will apply paint to the restored areas to match the rest of your vehicle. 

Major Collision Damage

A major auto accident may cause a shattered windshield, engine failure, or a compromised frame. Consequently, these types of damage undermine your vehicle's structural integrity and handling. Therefore, it is imperative to address the damage and restore vehicle safety. In this case, if your vehicle is irreparable, a mechanic will replace the damaged parts to restore functionality and operational efficiency.

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