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Getting a Wrecked Vehicle Repaired

Were you grateful to come out of an auto accident with only minor injuries, but the damage to your vehicle is extreme? Although a wrecked vehicle can be replaced, sometimes there is sentimental value attached that could never be replaced. If you desire to keep your wrecked vehicle because of the sentimental value it has, professional mechanics can make repairs. If your vehicle is too damaged to be driven, get the vehicle towed to an auto body shop so the process can begin to return it to a satisfactory condition. If the other driver caused the accident and has insurance coverage, his or her insurance provider will pay for your vehicle repairs up to the amount of money allowed in the policy.

Analyzing Damage for Insurance Purposes

Knowing how the accident damaged your vehicle is important because the insurance company will need the information and a quote before giving the green light to move forward with the repairs. After your vehicle is at an auto body shop, a full assessment of the damage will be performed. For example, the areas of your vehicle that are obviously damaged will be inspected to determine the extent of repairs that are necessary. The bumper, metal body, windows, and tires are some of the common parts that are damaged in an accident. However, areas of your vehicle that are not obviously damaged will be analyzed as well, such as the parts beneath the hood.

Repairing the Underlying Damage

The repair process will begin with the underlying damage being taken care of. For example, if most of the damage happened to the front of your vehicle, the engine and other parts might need to be repaired. If the damage is severe enough, the parts will have to be rebuilt or replaced. Wires, airbags, and a variety of other parts might be damaged and need repairs as well. The parts will work as well or even better than they did before you were in the collision after being repaired at an auto body shop.

Making Repairs to the Body & Painting

The goal of repairing the body of your vehicle is to bring it to the factory specifications. If the body is not repaired to the factory specifications, it could pose a safety risk. For example, the repaired body parts must be attached to the vehicle as they were when the vehicle was manufactured. Failing to properly attach the body parts could lead to them falling off or interfering with the structural integrity of the vehicle. After the body is repaired, your vehicle will be painted and detailed before being returned to your possession.

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