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4 Signs Your Car Needs Auto Body Repairs Now

When a vehicle needs to go to an auto body repair shop, it's tempting to think you can delay a bit. That's especially the case if the problem doesn't affect the car's drivability. However, many auto body repair issues will only get worse if you let them go.

You need to know the signs of trouble so you can get in front of issues right away. Here are four to look for.


Damage to a vehicle's body may leave the metal exposed. It doesn't take long for pollution, salt, and other environmental forces to undermine the metal. Once this process starts rolling, it will find its way beyond the affected area. The rust will destroy surrounding metal and keep spreading until it is stopped or runs out of stuff to damage.

Look for signs of rust regularly when you walk around your vehicle. This goes double if it was recently dinged, dented, or scratched. Once something damages the protective coating, rust will find a way to do harm.

Points and Edges

Modern cars are very aerodynamic, and they accomplish this with smooth surfaces. Even slight pressure from something like a brief and light run-in with a metal pole in a parking lot can push the body into awkward shapes.

Usually, the body will snap back, and the flexible coating in the paint will respond, too. However, once the body has been pushed past its mechanical limit for pressure resistance, it will deform. This may lead to points, edges, and crimps. If you see anything like this, you should ask an auto body shop to take care of it.


Sometimes, the body gets loose from its mounting points. Notably, this occurs a bit as a car ages, even if it has never been in an accident. Unfortunately, it can get to the point where components are loose. They'll rattle if you hit a bump, and they'll vibrate if you turn the music up on your sound system.

You should have a professional at an auto body repair shop address the problem so it doesn't get worse. Not only will it fix the annoying rattle, but it may prevent parts from falling off.

Peeling, Cracked, or Chipped Paint

Modern vehicle paints are impressive things. They generally survive significant stresses, including collisions, without completely failing. You'll note, however, that anything that compromises the paint was probably more serious than it looks. For example, fender damage may cause the paint to warp and crack. Once you see the paint failing, ask a professional to deal with the car.

Contact a local auto body shop to learn more.