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Paintless Dent Repair: Is It A Better Option Than Conventional Dent Removal Techniques?

Fixing dents is paramount because it restores your vehicle's appeal and prevents the dents from chipping, which can result in rusting if the paint gets rubbed off. Technically, dent removal has two techniques: paintless dent repair and the conventional/traditional dent removal techniques via filling out the dent and sanding.

Before deciding on a dent removal technique, it is advisable to compare and contrast the benefits of both methods. Here are four key factors that make paintless dent removal the better option.

Less Repair Time

Traditional dent removal techniques involve stripping the vehicle, filling the dent, sanding the filling, and then applying paint. All these processes take up quite a lot of time before the dent repair work gets finished. As a result, you have to wait for days and sometimes weeks before getting your car back from the auto repair shop.

However, paintless dent removal involves using specialized equipment to tap out the dented area from the inside gently. Thus there is no need to sand or repaint the car. Hence, if the dents are minor, you can get your vehicle back on the same day from the repair shop.

Cost Efficiency

Traditional dent removal techniques involve purchasing new materials such as paint and dent filler which drive up the total cost of the repairs. Additionally, due to the time-consuming processes such as sanding and repainting the dented area, the work hours charged by a repair technician tend to be higher. Thus the labor costs rise due to the number of hours a technician spends repairing the dents.

However, paintless dent repair doesn't involve the purchasing of any new materials. Additionally, the repair process is automated, and thus, in most cases, the dent repair takes a few minutes or hours max. Hence the total cost of the dent repair is minimal because you only pay for labor. Even the labor cost is minimal because the repairs do not take up much time; hence the billed work hours are less than those billed for conventional dent repairs.

Auto Insurance Recommends It

Auto insurance companies prefer to pay as little as possible when you file a damage claim. Hence, because paintless dent repair is the least expensive technique, insurance companies urge their clients to go for it. Additionally, due to the minimal repair time, an insurance company doesn't have to send you a courtesy car which is an additional expense to the insurance company.  

Eco-Friendly Process

Traditional dent repair techniques involve using body fillers and paint thinners which have adverse effects on the environment due to their chemical composition. However, paintless dent repair doesn't utilize such substances, and thus, it is an environmentally friendly approach to repairing car dents.

To learn more, contact a paintless dent repair service in your area.