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2 Things Every Automobile Owner Needs To Know About Modern Car Wraps

If you own a car or other automobile, then it is important to learn about modern car wraps and how they work. While, many years ago, auto wraps were only popular among business owners who wanted to display their business logos, phone numbers, and other information on their company cars, today, they are popular among all car owners. Their surge in popularity is due to many factors, so read on to learn two things you need to know about modern car wraps, which will help you understand their benefits. 

1. Solid Color Car Wraps Are Being Opted for Instead of New Paint Jobs

While custom-designed car wraps covered in graphics are still popular, solid-color car wraps are surging in popularity among everyday car owners who want to give their cars new looks without investing in expensive paint jobs. A solid-color car wrap covered in a UV-protecting clear coat can last 10 years or longer without any distortion or fading. 

Color options are also virtually endless when choosing to wrap your car instead of painting it, and the price of vinyl with a special finish can be much more affordable than a paint job with a similar color paint, if the color and finish are even available in a paint. 

Another great benefit of a solid color car wrap compared to an auto paint job is that the auto wrap can be removed at any time without damaging the paint underneath. This makes it great for changing the appearance of your car temporarily when you are not sure if you want to commit to a brand-new car color for the life of your vehicle. 

2. The Quality of Auto Vinyl Has Improved in Recent Years

If you had a car wrap a decade ago and experienced bubbling or other problems, then realize that auto vinyl technology has come a long way in recent years. Once older vinyls were applied to cars, they set very quickly and could not be re-positioned if a minor mistake was made in their initial application. Today's premium auto vinyls have an adhesive that allows for slight shifts in placement for up to 24 hours after the vinyl is originally applied to a car, so last minute adjustments can be made to ensure the final car wrap result is perfect. 

Old vinyls also had little to no "stretch" to them, which made positioning them around wheel wells and other curvy parts of cars difficult. Today's vinyls can be stretched to cover a car's curves seamlessly. In addition, air bubbles in auto vinyl are a thing of the past in new vinyls that appear completely opaque yet have tiny pores that release air. 

If you drive an automobile, then you need to know how car wraps are being used today and how their quality has improved over the last decade. Next time you want to change the look of your car without making an irreversible commitment, consider opting for an auto wrap. Talk to professionals like Double O Auto Body and Repair LLC. for more information.