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The Quickest Way To Fix Paint Chips

Do you ever take a look at your car and think "I should fix that?" It is easy to procrastinate when it comes to fixing small dents and paint chips on your car. However, this can be dangerous and expensive in the long run. If you leave paint chips unfixed for too long, they could expand and become much harder to repair as time passes, especially if you allow the actual car body to corrode. When it comes to paint chips, the name of the game is fixing them as soon as possible to avoid serious headaches. Here is the quickest way to seal a paint chip and prevent it from growing any bigger.

Using the Right Paint and Supplies

First off, you need the right products. You can usually find everything you need at an auto body store, but you will have better luck with the paint if you can buy it directly from the dealership. Your car dealership is bound to have the exact paint for your make, model and year. This means you don't have to worry about using a third-party product that doesn't match perfectly. Your car dealership should also have auto sandpaper and buffing attachments for power drills. As long as you have the paint, sandpaper and proper buffing tools, you can comprehensively fix small paint chips.

Prepping and Patching

You usually don't need to do any prep work unless there is already rust formation. If there is rust, you will need to sand it away with sandpaper. The key to this step is removing the rust without making the paint chip any bigger. This means you just use your fingertip in tiny circular motions.

Auto body paint is very simple to apply because it comes with a brush. In reality, this brush is small and applying it is similar to using a nail polish brush. You kind of dab it on rather than brush it on.

Finishing the Job

You will usually need to wait for the painted spot to dry before applying an additional coat. It is unlikely that you will get complete coverage with just one coat. Once the spot looks fully covered and the colors more or less match, you need to get out your auto buffing attachment. If you have an attachment for a power drill, you can easily but out the painted spot in less than a minute, making it blend in with the existing paint. Contact a business that offers dent repair for more information.