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4 Tips for Maintaining a Company's Automotive Fleet

An automotive fleet ensures that a company has the vehicles needed for its employees to properly do their job and promote the company's business. But a fleet can also require a large financial investment, so it is essential that each vehicle is properly maintained, whether it is leased or owned by the company. If you are a fleet manager, use the following tips to maintain the vehicles in your company's fleet:

Develop a Maintenance Checklist

One of the keys to keeping vehicles in a fleet in good repair is a good maintenance routine. As a fleet manager, creating a maintenance plan for all of the vehicles can go a long way towards preventing costly repairs and extending the lifespan of a car. Think big when creating a checklist of the maintenance services that the fleet vehicles need--it is typically less expensive to have fleet maintenance services performed than it does to make repairs. Each automotive system should be properly maintained to help ensure that the vehicles are running properly.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

After deciding on the type of maintenance that each fleet vehicle needs, you will need to make a schedule to ensure that these services are done at the proper intervals. You can choose to schedule maintenance services based on miles traveled, fuel usage, engine hours, or according to a calendar schedule. If your company's fleet is comprised of just a couple makes and models, consult the owners manuals for the vehicles to help create a maintenance schedule that aligns with the recommendations from the auto manufacturer.

Contract With an Auto Services Company

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to ensure that fleet vehicles are correctly maintained is by contracting with one auto services company to provide all maintenance and repairs. If your company's fleet vehicles are all parked in the same lot, the auto services company may be able to send out mechanics to perform maintenance onsite. If the fleet vehicles are kept at different locations, you will need to schedule regular service times where the driver of the fleet vehicle can bring the car in for service.

Make Drivers Accountable

When company employees have access to driving fleet vehicles, it is important for them to know that they are accountable. Stress that drivers must immediately report any issues with the vehicle, such as squeaky brakes, illuminated dashboard lights, problems braking, or weird engine sounds. When issues are looked at immediately, they can usually be repaired before larger problems begin to occur.