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Five Types Of Collision Damage That Require Immediate Repair

If you've been in a car accident, you need to have the damage repaired. In fact, you need to contact a collision repair center sooner rather than later if any of the following are issues.

1. Windshield Cracks

Never put off a repair if there is damage to the windshield. Cracks in the windshield can lead to water leaks or worse, the windshield failing completely. Further, you can be ticketed depending on the location of the crack. Even if you can avoid tickets, lack of visibility due to a crack increases the chances of being in another accident. Some small cracks can be repaired, while others will require the replacement of the entire windshield.

2. Fender Damage

A dented fender may seem like a minor issue, but often the problem is more severe than what you can see. A damaged fender can rub on the tire when you are turning, which can increase tire wear and even lead to a dangerous blowout. Fender damage can also put stress on the axles, and a broken axle will leave you immobile until a tow truck arrives. Always have the fenders checked to ensure the damage is only superficial, otherwise, a prompt repair is needed.

3. Alignment Issues

Your car may have no obvious damage following a collision, but you should check for alignment issues. If the steering wheel pulls to one side or the car strays to one side when you release the wheel, take your car in to be checked. In some cases, the problem is nothing that a quick tire alignment and rebalancing can't fix. In other instances, there may be frame damage or damage to the axles. Failure to fix these issues can lead to further problems or even another accident.

4. Missing Paint

A small dent can lead to a big issue if the paint has been damaged. This is because the metal is now exposed to moisture and oxygen, the two components that lead to rust. If the dent has a crease, it can also be prone to rust, even if the paint damage isn't visible to the naked eye. Fortunately, most dents can be popped out and repainted for a low cost, so there is no need for an expensive repair.

5. Loose Parts

Anything that is loose on the car following a collision, such as bumpers, panels, or side mirrors, needs to be addressed. These loose parts can come off while driving, posing a hazard, or their shaking around may cause further damages to your car. In some cases, loose parts are a safety concern that can lead to traffic fines.

Contact an auto collision repair service for more assistance.